Omni Android Console

PhoenixOne is

a Console
a PC
a TV box

A new approach to mobile games

PUBG Mobile - Precise aiming with mouse & keyboard
Honkai Impact 3rd - Get comfy with a gamepad in the couch
Arena of Valor - Smart cast, fast, accurate.

Fun for home parties

*Dance pad, microphone, and fight stick purchased separately.
Draw & Guess
Dance pad
Home karaoke
King of fighters

Classic Nintendo games

PhoenixOne comes with NES emulator, tons of classic games:
Super Mario, Contra, Salamander...

Efficient multi-window OS

Use PhoenixOne just like Windows in PC mode

Office Suite

PhoenixOne comes with Office suite for free, combined with multi-window feature,
you can write documents, send e-mails, take notes with ease.

PhoenixOne for Learning

Better sitting position & bigger screen offer a healthier learning experience.
Android apps, multi-window UI, stronger hardware ensures more effective learning.

Powerful hardware

No slow-down after longtime running, 80G size video plays smoothly.
PhoenixOne other TV Boxes
CPU Snapdragon 660 low-end chip
Storage 32G 8G
USB Port 3.0 2.0

More powerful features

Supports multiple screencasting methods
Install apps like on a phone
Easy cross-device file synchronization

Powerful hardware

PhoenixOne 145700
Xiaomi TV Box3S 82579
Xiaomi Tablet4 143822
OPPO R11 118836

Large copper heatsink & variable speed cooling fan
Snapdragon 660 ensures hi-res high fps gameplay

4G Ram, 32G Storage
LPDDR4X ram ensures large games run smoothly. EMMC 5.1 storage provides top-tier read-write speed.
Enhanced graphics & 3D effect
Adreno 512 GPU improves performance by 30%, offers realistic visual effects and more advanced 3D graphics rendering.
4K decode support
Supports H.264 (AVC)、H.265 (HEVC),2560x1600 output,4 times hi-res, meeting high AV standard


After 4 hours of running, the temperature within console ≤55℃, noise ≤14dB, fan speed 4400 rounds
PUBG Mobile Hi-res, extreme FPS 55+FPS
Honkai Impact 3rd Extreme graphics 40+FPS
Arena of Valor Hi-res, High FPS 60 FPS

Multiple ports

Connect to TV, monitor, mouse & keyboard, USB hard drive etc.

Switch between game mode and PC mode with one click

Phoenix One TV UI
Based on Android 8.1, specifically designed for gaming, PhoenixOne comes with powerful key mapping engine with system-level optimization, offering perfect mouse & keyboard, gamepad support.
Phoenix One office UI
Based on Phoenix OS, comes with an excellent user experience. We are also the supplier of PC mode solutions for Huawei Mate, Smartisan TNT, Lenovo.