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Installation Guide of Phoenix OS (x86)

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1、Download the installation package
Visit the official website or forum to download the latest x86 installation package to your local hard disk. The size of the installation package is 464MB and the size of the installed Phoenix OS will be different depending on your choices.
2、Start the installation
Double click the setup file. There are two methods of setup, from USB and installation to hard disk. Please click install to hard disk. Select a target disk. You can only choose the drive letter. You are not allowed to select a folder (please select a drive letter with free space greater than 4.5G).  Note that setup requires administrator rights. In case of any problems, you can right click on the setup program. Select “run as administrator” to download the installation package.
3、Enter PhoenixOS
After successful installation, restart the computer. Select the Phoenix OS in the start menu to boot up the computer. It takes a long time to start the Phoenix OS for the first time because it is optimizing local applications. It will be faster in subsequent startups.