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Root Guide for ARM Phoenix OS in Fastboot Mode

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1、Download the ROM package suitable for the device and unzip it to a directory.
2、 Connect the device to the computer's USB.
3、Enter the Fastboot mode.

Choose one of the following methods to enter the Fastboot mode.

Use the ADB tool to run in a command window.Input:adb reboot bootloader

Use the combination key: Turn off the device, then turn it on and immediately hold down the Volume Up+ Volume Down + Power Key.

4、If “LOCKED” is displayed in the “Device State” column, open the command window to run the following command: fastboot oem unlock. A confirmation dialog box will pop up. Click “Volume Up” to select “YES” and press the power key to confirm it.
5、Under the directory of the unzipped ROM package, hold down the shift key and right click, then select the “Open Command Window Here”.
6、 Run the script of flash-all.bat .This script will automatically perform the subsequent installation.
7、When the system is installed, the device will restart. And then lock the boot program.
8、Start the device again and enter the Fastboot mode as described above.
9、 Execute the following commands:fastboot oem lock