Phoenix OS for x86

Phoenix OS x86 version can operate on Intel x86 devices. It can be installed either on a USB key or the hard disk (keeping the original file system untouched).

recent Intel x86 computers from within the last 5 years and memory being larger than 2G.

How to install

Download the Phoenix OS (x86) installation program. Run the installation program in Windows selecting USB or hard disk install.


  • It is recommended to use Intel Atom CPU devices for best compatibility.
  • When installing to a USB key use a high-performance one with more than 4G capacity. Lower-speed USB key will slow down the system.
  • While the installation to the hard disk will not touch the existing data, it is always best to make a full backup beforehand.


PhoenixOSInstaller-1.0.9-RC.exe (Simplified Chinese/English language)
Download Date Size MD5
PhoenixOSInstaller-1.0.9-RC.exe 07/01/2016 464.7M ed243013dd58243bb3be6455e9229a49

Phoenix OS x86 version depends on Android x86 open source project.

Phoenix OS installation program uses grub4dos, we hereby express our gratitude.