Phoenix OS is a personal computer operating system which is extensively developed based on the Android platform. It is mainly oriented toward smart tablets, laptops, desktop computers and other large-screen devices, supporting start menu, multi-window, taskbar and other classic PC characteristics.

This page has ROM flash package for Google Nexus 7, Nexus 9 and Nexus 10 tablets. In the future, Phoenix OS will be available for more Android tablet models. Keep an eye on us.

Device Download Date Size MD5
Nexus 7 (grouper) Phoenix-neuxs7-grouper-1.0.5-beta.tar.gz 03/28/2016 559.1M C51F5B9C489BF8875AF65D6DBA5649F1
Nexus 7 (flo) Phoenix-neuxs7-flo-1.0.5-beta.tar.gz 03/28/2016 593.3M B43A5827143B07C22C647A7173B79A76
Nexus 9 Phoenix-neuxs9-1.0.5-beta.tar.gz 03/28/2016 387.9M E9C83FCBAE96B276D570890821645D24
Nexus 10 Phoenix-neuxs10-1.0.5-beta.tar.gz 03/28/2016 561.0M C1A6E08A824BDA99D7D27706B24309B9

Flashing Instructions

Note: Please charge your device and keep it plugged into your computer during the process. The device automatically restarts after a successful installation. The first boot takes a long time.

  • Flashing installations using Fastboot:
    • Download your device's ROM package and uncompress it into its own directory.
    • Connect the device to the computer's USB port.
    • Select one of the following methods and enter Fastboot mode:
      • Use ADB tools: Operate in the command window: adb reboot bootloader.
      • Use combination key: Shut down the device, starting it pressing the "volume up+ volume down+ power button" simultaneously.
    • If it displays with "LOCKED" in the Device State bar, open the command window and execute the following commands: fastboot oem unlock, it will pop up a confirmation dialog box, press the "volume up" to select "YES", and press the power button to confirm.
    • Press the shift key and the right mouse button under the directory of the uncompressed ROM package, and select "open the command window here".
    • Run the flash-all.bat script which will automatically execute the subsequent installations.
    • After completing the installation, the device will re-start. Then it is supposed to re-lock the bootstrap program.
      • Restart the device under the Fastboot mode as mentioned above.
      • Execute the following commands: fastboot oem lock.